Holiday Apartments Rentals
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Welcome to Holiday Apartments Rentals, we are delighted that you have decided to join our rental community.  Our aim is to provide both property owners and customers with an opportunity to meet each other, easily and in one place.

Please select below the subscription of your choice. As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment by paypal, we will contact you with information on where to go on our website to enter your listing as well as your username and password information.

You have a choice a two types of payments:

A low monthly payments spread over a period of 12 years

or save even more by paying yearly!

Once again welcome.  We will work very hard to provide you with as many qualified customers as possible!

Price list for 12 months advertising
Single property (private) owners
$ 15/month
$ 144/year
Multiple property owners (Up to 4 different apartments)
$ 216/year
Multiple property owners (Up to 8 different apartments)
$ 30/month
$ 324/year
Multiple property owners (Up to 12 different apartments)
$ 42/month
$ 480/year
Booking agencies (Up to 4 different apartments)
$ 25/month
$ 288/year
Booking agencies (Up to 8 different apartments)
$ 36/month
$ 432/year