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We have the answers!  Our approach to vacation rental is unique.

If you are looking for an apartment, house, villa, condo, private home, townhouse, cottage, bed and breakfast inn, chalet, apartment, studio, or cabin for your next vacacation, then chances are you already know that you can save a considerable amount of money by renting such an accommodation as opposed to the ordinary hotel room.  In addition to savings on the actual rent itself, there are of course other substantial savings to be me made when you take some of your meals at home instead of expensive restaurants.

(If you have a family, you will know how furstrating it can sometimes be when at the end of a tiring day you take your family to a restaurant for a family and expensive meal, only to see that some of the kids have barely touched their plates!)




Your questions answered!

  • Why Holiday Apatment Rental
    Our website provides you with a unique method of being able to browse through hundreds of properties from the comfort of our web site and then, once your selection has been made, being able to contact AND deal with the property owner directly!
  • Does Holiday Apatment Rental own any of the properties shown in this website.
  • Some of the property are graded as Standard for example.  What does that mean?
    Hotels have stars, a convenient method of grading a room according to its standard, comfort, amenities etc..As there is no independent grading system for vacation homes, our members are encouraged to categorize their property in a smilar maner taking into consideration such factors as standard of service, facilities provided, overall comfort and level of luxury.

    We provide our owners with 3 main listing categories: 

    These aparments are designed to serve basic requirements.  You might think of them as a 2 star type apatment if you were to equate them to hotel grading system.
    Accommodation of a higher standard.  If this was a hotel room, it would considered as a 3 star hotel.
    Vacation homes of a more luxurious standard.  They often times compare to 4 star hotels

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