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Holiday Travel Health Tips

Whether you travel or not, we tend to lead such a busy life nowadays that the nutritional elements usually found in the food we eat which are essential to our good health are not always present in our daily diet, or are substantially depleted. For this reason it is recommend to make use of quality nutritional supplements to make up for these deficiencies and one the best place to find quality vitamins at discounted prices is at where you can indeed find the very best discount vitamins.

When traveling abroad it is always important to take care of your health.

One of the most common health issues to arise in visitors is an upset stomach. There are several causes of sickness and diarrhea, the most common being the consumption of water. A travel representative will be able to advise the visitor whether or not local tap water is drinkable, although it is advisable to always consume bottled water wherever possible. In remote areas where bottled water is not available, the use of water purifying tablets or boiling the water before consumption is recommended. Avoid ice cubes in drinks as they may be made with tap water and salads as these may have been washed in tap water. Even when cleaning teeth, bottled water should be used.

Take medical advice before traveling and make sure that all inoculations and vaccinations are up to date. HIV/AIDS and several types of hepatitis are prevalent in many countries and so unprotected sex is inadvisable. Always take condoms ! with you in case they are unobtainable in the area to which you are traveling. Hygiene is important in order to reduce the spread of germs.

Wash your hands regularly, particularly after handling money. In tropical countries where malaria is prevalent, ensure that you begin your course of anti-malarial pills prior to traveling and continue taking them during and after your visit, for the required length of time.

Pack a mosquito net for use in accommodation, as many nets in hotels are not of a good standard and many remote locations do not include nets at all in the rooms. Avoid contact with river water as bilharziasis may also be prevalent in the region.

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Common Sense

Common sense is required if taking part in any sports and it is important to have the required travel insurance with enough cover in case you need medical attention during your stay.

Be vigilant about your personal safety and avoid putting yourself in an unnecessary vulnerable position, as you would at home. In certain countries, avoid the use! of overcrowded buses, boats or trains, particularly on long journeys, as many of the vehicles used for public transport may not be road worthy. Car hire may be a safer option and economical if the cost is shared between several people.

Alcohol can affect the body in different ways in hotter climes or in high altitudes, so limit yourself to a safe amount each day. Avoid becoming dehydrated in hot climates by drinking bottled water throughout the day, especially when involved in sporting activities.

If you use vitamins and supplements as part of your daily diet, remember to pack these in your hand luggage. Antibiotics are useful in controlling any gut problems and these can be purchased in pill form for convenience. In addition, pack diarrhea pills in case they are required, as well as headache pills and a mini first aid kit, to include plasters and antiseptic cream.

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